Cardi B disses Ice Spice at Summer Jam?

Summer Jam was what this year? Performances by the LOX, Lola Brook , Ice Spice and super star Cardi B all hit the stage! Outside of any other performances, Cardi B’s performance is the one that stood out. Why you ask? Well according to reports, cardi opened her set with what seems to be a tribute to a fictional throwback character named “Annie” from a 1982 version of an iconic movie Orphan Annie. The original movie was in 1924. Orphan Annie is

Anyway, Orphan Annie and Ice Spice have this uncanny resemblance. So cardi B comes out to the Orphan Annie theme song playing in the background with pics of the original Annie and a more grown up and sexy looking Annie. Cardi B denied claims of any dis according to reports.

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