Cardi B cleared of charges, Tekashi 69 and Wack 100 and much more

About a year ago, Cardi B and her sister were brought up on alleged assault charges that are currently being dropped due to lack of concrete evidence. A small altercation had taken place between Cardi’s sister Hennesy and some patrons at a beach in New York according to reports and footage of the altercation was sent to Cardi that she later posted on her Instagram. The footage, in some way was made out to portray racism coming from Cardi and her sisters end. However, the group that actually filed the charges later asked the court to drop the charges as they were.

Also, famed artist entertainment manager Wack 100 has done enough campaining and receiving backlash for his collaboration and defense with famed hip-hop artist and known Federal informant Tekashi 69. Only to end up in a $43million deal (according to Wack 100). Here’s the thing, believe it or not, 69 has a vast majority of people that still believe 69 and support him from far away. Remember, he started over seas and is still big over seas and who knows, he may even end up back performing in the states as well.

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