YG home gets raided by FEDS and arrests were made

Breaking news, West Coast rapper YG’s California home in Hollywood Hills was raided by FEDS today and according to reports, 4 arrests were made. Fortunately, YG is said to currently be on tour however, things may not be so good for him when he returns. This investigation stemming from a shooting that took place of another rapper from the west coast named Slim 400 who was taken to the hospital in critical condition after being shot several times. A vehicle that belonged to YG was said to have the vehicle used in the shooting but YG takes to twitter and explains that he was nowhere near the incident when it took place. At the same time, it’s alleged that it was his vehicle involved I the incident.. So we’ll see what happens when he returns from tour. Peep the vid from HIP-HOP NEWS UNCENSORED more in depth info!