Who is the “Throw Back Kween” DEDE Sharon?

Well, from what we’re hearing, the “Throw Back Kween”, RnB songstress singer and song writer DEDE Sharon is bringing that old flame back with her own twist! DEDE Sharon carries this “90’s vibe” type of feel to her music so much that, if you’re from that era or even just “understand” that 90’s era in Rnb and Hip Hop, then you would understand the impact it has had on the world and paved the way for so many today, then you would understand it’s a breath of fresh air for many!


Hailing from Charolette, North Carolina by way of upstate, Buffalo New York, DEDE Sharon is on her way to being that artist that brings those stories, emotion and vulnerability that true RnB possess. With paying clear homage to greats along her journey such as Mary J Bleige, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson just to name a few but sonically with a current sound!

Dede Sharon: 5-4-3-2- DONE

Currently, DeDe has 2 records in a rotation, 5-4-3-2-DONE and her “go-to” single titled “Like Oh”. 5-4-3-2-DONE is a remake of the original hit hip-hop record 5-4-3-2-1 that originally featured LL Cool J, Method Man, Red Man, Canibus, DMX and Master P but DeDe flipped it, owned it and tells her ex-boyfriend (in the record) she’s good! “Everything is gonna be alright”! with the video to prove it! However, “Like OH” is an original record that is currently in digital radio rotation as you read this and is steady climbing since it’s release. The record brings this nostalgic RnB 90’s feel that we were saying earlier and it’s portraying her more vulnerable side in this particular story. Thinking, this just might be the reason why 5-4-3-2-Done was actually done.. Press play! What you think!?

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