When you mention a star you mention Nyasia Chane’l.. #samedifference

Believe it or not, when someone can use any one of their God given sences to hear, feel, taste or touch quality, you know the difference. Sometimes, it may cause for a pause in a persons reaction because of \ a repeat or rewind or a second look to what could be a patrons next favorite thing to come into their lives! The initial reaction may seem a bit stand offish or may come across like a “no reaction” at all. However, that’s not neccesarily a bad thing. In fact, a retake, a recap of anything is usually to finalize a decision within ones self to make sure that what you stummbled upon is actually the real deal. Making sure that what they’re seeing is really what it is. With that said, Nyasia Chane’l is the real deal.

Hailing from Catskill New York, Nyasia Chane’l without a shadow of a doubt, has hit records in her possession. Records that from an indie stand point can compete when it comes to that mainstream sound. Nyasia brings that beautiful vocal that feel as if you were in a field of flowers and butterflies with your significant other but still her lyrical content gives that true emotion and story telling. Nyasia is that upcoming rnb singer, songwriter, amazing and fearless personality with a beautidul sole.

After releasing sevral singles since her start in 2018 that also includes her record “Dive” she has finally released her first EP titled Clubhouse No.7 that gives you real life scenarios that sonically gives mixtures of RnB, RnB Pop, Country music and hip-hop Rnb. The Chanel No.7 is a very well put together project to say the least.

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