Vlad from Vlad TV sues Rick Ross for $4 million!

Vlad from Vlad TV is seeing rapper Rick Ross for $4 million dollars for an altercation that took place between Rick Ross’s team and Vlad himself that allegedly left Vlad with 7 stitches under his eye and some facial fractures and a cornea abrasion. The reason given on why the assault took place was because Vlad asked the rap duo Eclipse, that consisted of two brothers one of them being Legendary rapper Pusha T.

The question came at a time when Rick Ross and rapper/mogul 50 cent was beefing and Vlad sought after and found the REAL Rick Ross, who was basically known to be one of the main people that started the crack epidemic in the U.S. back in the 80’s. The interview consisted of Vlad asking him about the rapper Rick Ross for stealing his persona. Rick Ross didn’t like that and allegedly called a meeting with Vlad and had his “goons” jumped Vlad at that meeting. Vlad sued for $4 million but was only rewarded $300k.. Why jump Vlad tho? peep the vid for more detail

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