V_Allure Couture Clothing line in route to becoming the main stay in Fashion

We’ve all seen a bunch of things come and go, it’s all a part of life. Especially when it comes to music, stardom, money and a slew of other things. However, there are some things that stay around for decades and even longer simply because they were nurtured correctly by the creator and the love and passion was put into it and the connection between consumer and creator become one and that connection becomes a loyalty.

Usually, when we think of established brands or established clothing brands in particular, we can immediately identify with what we’re going to get when it comes to the look and quality of a piece. Polo (Ralph Lauren) and Nautica are great brand examples that have stood the test of time so much so because they were and still are able to make pieces that you can wear to mostly any occasion and be confident and feel safe that you are not “outdated”. Let’s be clear, those brands have been and will always be around but the difference with the V_Allure Couture and those other brands, outside of the facts that V_Allure is smart, durable, relaxed, rich, sexy, hot, Trendy, sleek, but it’s most important quality factor is that it’s relatable.

The V_Allure Collection gives a smooth and expensive sheik look with simple, well thought out placements of design on each garment. The attire can be worn at any time of the day and virtually anywhere. Even with their


graphic T’s that are a nice, heavy quality material that speak volumes and still are able to maintain their identity and purpose without being mis-understood.

There isn’t any color.. There isn’t any “race”.. There aren’t any boundaries.. that’s the definition of confidence…

V_Allure Couture is not a Fad… V _Allure is a brand… it’s culture. #VALLURECulture

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