Tory Lanez knocks out August Alsina? Word?

Don’t know if this news is coming out because of the Boxing match last night but according to reports, famed musical artist Tory Lanez has not only put hands on but knocked him out! Could this be behind the controversial Will Smith and Jada Pinket entanglement situation?


Nope, we wouldn’t be that lucky, however, the beef has been going on for a while and it seemed as it started because August wouldn’t shake Tory’s hand. There was a back and forth on line and a couple of ” keep that same energies” being thrown back and forth but from August Alsina’s tweet, it seems as if it was a premeditated “succa punch” delivered by Lanez. After he punched him Tory then went on stage to perform and left after the fact. That side of the story coming by way of a tweet from August Alsina’s account.

Peep the vid by Lionel B Show

Tory Lanez puts hands on August Alsina

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