The Vyer Network moving to be the next Netflix on steroids!

If we, as a people, would’ve understood Bit Coin some 10 – 15 years ago we would probably be reading this article on vacation, on an island of your choice. Or even better, let’s use Tesla for a second. To the naked eye and or uninformed, The car company Tesla would look like a normal car but in fact, Tesla is basically a DATA company that uses its vehicles to collect priceless data from around the Nation to eventually be utilized for lawd knows what but what, does that have to be do with Vyer Network you might ask? Here’s why!

The Vyer Network is not just a streaming platform, The Vyer Network is actually a video content marketing company for indie movies, short film and target marketed music video content that boasts thousands of indie films plus Kids Channels, an LGBTQ Channel, Food Channels, Latin Channels, Original Vyer movie content and much more! Not to mention the music video and urban entertainment TRUE TV and the RnB platform(s) that allow genre specific placements made easy for navigation by anyone but that’s not all..

Vyer seems to understand value. The value in people and the hard work thats put into the content that is accepted on the platform so in retrospect, Vyer pushes itself as the machine and gives a 70/30 split for content providers! 70 to you and 30 to them with reports passed out at the end of each quarter, under a non-exclusive agreement which means that you’re not bind to just the platform! If thats not value and showing it, then I don’t know what is..

Speaking of marketing, Vyer Network has partnered with an airline that controls about 53% of media that goes in airline flights. What that means is, this gives Vyer and it’s content access to 167 million passengers, 80 million portal users across 47 different viewing platforms with 1.3 million connected flights internationally! This includes airlines such as Air France, Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest, South African Airways , Fly Dubai and many others! There are about 58 Airlines in total. However, this doesn’t even include the other 6 campaigns that Vyer is currently under, pushing the needle!

So to even further all of whats currently going on, The Vyer Network puts its entertainment and opportunity at your finger tips. So collectively, this is a “no brainer” for anyone trying to find new entertainment and or if you’re in the entertainment space, you can contribute and earn.. Vyer network has found a void, filled a void and is now creating value..

To be a part of the action: Download the FREE AP from your AP store OR for review and a possible placement on the Vyer Network send an email to:

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