The legendary and Iconic rapper DMX passes away.

Born Earl Simmons aka Darkman X or better know to us all as the incredible rapper, actor, entertainer and father DMX! DMX was born in Baltimore but raised in Yonkers N.Y. where he had a rather difficult upbrining from being abandoned by his mom at an early age to drug addiction. However, it was clear that DMX was put here for the world to love and understand. He brought that high energy, that believeable content and more importantly he knew how to connect with us just being himself. He knew how to love and we loved him for just being himself.

He was never ashamed of prayer and his strong beliefs in his higher power weather he knew you or not, he had no problem on making it happen. DMX lived a full life reaching accolades that not many, if any can accomplish. Selling over 74 million records world wide, acting in 2 great movies one being a “hood classic” called BELLY. Not to mention one of the only rappers to have 3 multiplatinum selling albums in 1 year!

DMX was one of those influences that just doesnt go away no matter the circumstance. He showed love to his peers and they all did the same in return and his “home sending” displayed that. With a RuFF Ryder motorcade that rode along side an enormous Monster Truck that carried his bright red casket in the rear and displayed a decal on the side that read “Long live DMX”. His memorial service was star studed to us, but to them, they were his family.

The service was held at the Barclays Center in Downtown Brooklyn where his freinds like legendary rappers like Jada Kiss, Nas who actually featured in the classic movie Belly with him as well as Legendary producer Swiz Beatz, who everyone knows that it was his production that we heard once we got our first dose of the late, great DMX.

Our brother DMX will truly be missed by fans , friends and family. We lost a great one for sure.

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