Tekashi 69 to be released off of house arrest in 34 days. He’ll be “outside outside “

Some will beg to differ but the proof isn’t only in the numbers but with 69’s tactics. Tekashi 69 is currently in and has been in a winning position ever since his release from federal prison. Not backing down from anything coming his way when comes down to his “snitching”.

However, 69 isn’t done yet. Not only has his newly released record titled TROLZ that featured mega star NIKI MINAJ hit #1 on billboard and 69 had some choice words for his “haters” when he received the news.

Now 69 is gonna take it a step further. He’s recently announced that he’ll be off of house arrest in roughly 34 days and that’ll he’ll be making appearances “outside outside”. With threats of to 69’s life from individuals from his old neighborhood this will be a cautionary step for him. To take it a step in further!! 69 has a guest appearance by another well known “gangster rapper” that we have yet to see who this will be.

here’s the thing people, 69 is winning because he mastered the art of attention and trolling. 2, he has a WAY more legitimate reason on why he “snitched” and there are people that 1, would’ve snitched for a LESS of reason than he had. 2, there is a vast majority of people that don’t necessarily blame 69 for doing what he did after finding out the facts.

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