TAY K’s co-defendant testifies against him in court!

Taymor Travon Mclyntyre aka Tay K who is or was an up and coming rapper from the state of Texas was on the run for a murder stemming back from 2016 and who is currently being held on Capitol Murder charges for a fatal robbery shooting that took place at a Chick-fil-A restaurant  drive thru in San Antonio according to Billboard reports.

The person who he allegedly  shot was named Mark Anthony Saldavir and it was an attempt to rob him of his camera equipment. The refusal of Mark Anthony giving up his camera equipment was what lead Tay K to knowingly and fatally shooting him. Reports say that Mark Anthony jumped on the hood of the car that in an attempt to prevent Tay K from robbing him but to no avail. Tay K fled the scene leaving the car and was arrested in July of 2017 and was denied bail in March of this year.

Here’s the thing: After the murder Tay K releases a mixtape called “The Race” which went viral and in that he raps about the actual murder in his song. Mind you, all of this is being done WHILE he was on the run from the said murder. Now that he and his accomplices are arrested one of them being a 22 year old young lady named Arianna Beurant (forgive for the mis spelling) who has now agreed to testify against Tay K in exchange to get rid of the Capitol Murder charges and plea to a lesser  charge of aggravated robbery and a 25 year sentence in prison. Another accomplice Megan Hault has also agreed to testify in court and if she does this truthfully she will receive a 20 year aggravated robbery charge instead of Capitol Murder. However, there are other alleged accomplices Sean Robinson and Jalen Bell.

The victims mom is also filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Tay K for $1 million dollars according to reports.