T.I. tries to be “friendly” with Rihanna but gets the cold shoulder

Let’s be clear and fair. Super mega star singer, performer, entrepreneur and actress Rihanna is no saint! She’s actually one that is in the spotlight for an amazing performance or an amazing record but she’s no newbie to the drama either. Causing all kinds of confusion, heartbreaks and heartache. We remember her when she was with mega star Drake.. We also remember her with Chris Brown and remember when Chris got into an domestic altercation between her and Chris that ended him up in jail. Plus she has had a few other relationships including the one she recently went her separate way from a Billionaire.

But who cares! We still love her! She’s just one of those people that we understand her promiscuity and it means nothing! We’ve seen Madonna do it and we embraced it just as we do with Rihanna!

Just recently though, the king of the south T.I. and Riri were spotted at the Roc Nation gala recently and according to the footage shows a T.I. trying to sneak a couple of pics in with Rihanna but she seemed to have kind of shunned him. Rumor has it that she and T.I. had a little fling before his weapons incarceration. However, since the very recent breakup of her Billionaire bf T.I. wanted to see if he could get back in “good graces” with her but looking at the footage and commentary, it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen.