Swizz Beatz and Timbaland sell Versuz

Well, there is another great business move being made again, well, at least in our opinion. Some will beg to differ. Either way, the Versuz platform that was founded and curated by record producer extraudenier Swizz Beatz and legendary producer Timbalan is now being sold to Triller. Triller is a video making and social-networking service that has been around for sometime now.

The Versuz platform was brilliantly designed to put artist musically against each other and have the records compete. The idea worked brilliantly and kept audiences engaged during the height of the pandemic by provideding a nostalgic but yet a great entertainment experience especially during the height of the pandemic. The platform basically put 2 artist that were worthy of musically comepeting against each other based on “era” and other variables. The platform did great and even had it’s historic moments, especially when it came to the Jeezy and legendary rapper Gucci Mane Versuz battle. However, there were some executive decisions made and the comapny is now being sold. We believe it was a great to sell but some will beg to differ and feel like the 2 “sold out”. I’ll say this, it’s called business.

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