Saint Jaimz says This one is for the Mama’s Mama’s , Mama’s Mama’s

As we embark upon one of the more important days of the year, which some may beg to differ as they may see it different because of their “personal” reasons but generally speaking, Mothers day is definitely one of those days that is undeniably “one of those days” in which we celebrate the life of the one who gave birth to, or has guided us and/or who has protected us from life itself our Mothers.

Rnb singer, songwriter and producer Saint Jaimz has released a mother’s day original song titled: For the Mama’s that pays homage to the Queens in our lives that we know or knew as our Mothers. However, the ode doesn’t limit itself to just a Mothers Day record. This record, is one of those records that can be played on any givien day in celebration of a Mother may it be for a birthday, surprise birthday or just because,and can be done on any given day! That notion will always be well deserved when it comes to our Mothers.

The Mama’s record has a 90’s but yet current and soulful groove vibe that automatically puts you in that happy 2 step spirit. The record features the Rnb sensation himself Saint Jaimz alongside a young up and coming singer, songwriter who is also signed to the Household Name Entertainment imprint by the name of Kaleo Ross that blesses the track with his vocals and bodies it! Currently Saint Jaimz has been on a steaming rollout with his THROW BACK THE COVERS vol.1 campaign that has been doing phenominal numbers from a straight forward independent to the point where we’re almost scared to put his numbers in this write up because the by the time you read this, the numbers will have gone up and his charting position #7 on the INDIE SOUL CHARTS or #25 on the TOP 150 Global charts or try #126 on the TOP GLOBAL 200 on the DRT (Digital Radio Tracker) or try #35 on the Global top 50 Rnb and Hip Hop Charts.

Thing is, these accolades come from a complete different record titled “Baby Come To Me” which is a cover record originally sang by James Ingram and Patty Austin but his rendition features the one and only Sene’ Goss with platinum vocals. Legally, Sene Goss, sonically can only be compared to the late great Whitney Houston herself in our opinion. With that said, the trail is blazing for the RnB sensation Saint Jaimz and it doesnt look like it’ll be cooling off anytime soon!

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