Saint Jaimz and HOUSEHOLD NAME are one in the same…

Chicago native but currently a resident of the sunny state California. Saint Jaimz an RnB master, singer, songwriter and producer is basking in his recent success of hitting 1.8 million ORGANIC views independently in the short 90 days from its release date of July 3rd 2020!

The name of the record is titled: “Being Gentle” which is a remake of the original record sang by Frederick in the early 80’s. having known the right people, Saint Jaimz secured his permission to utilize the record. So he then enlisted the blazing vocal skills and the First Lady of his HouseHold Name LLC imprint Sene Goss! Together they seized the moment and it’s been history ever since!

The record hit 33-34 radio stations in its first week of release, which is not really a normal thing from an indie artist much less an RnB record. However, when it hit the fan, it hit the fan!

Were talking:

#1 on the Indie Global Charts /

Peaked at #97 on the Global Top 200 /

Peaked at #15 on the global top 150/

Reached #16 on the Global RnB Top 50/

600k ORGANIC Streams on Spotify/

#1 on Miami’s Hip Hop and RnB charts FM

Nominated for Presidents Choice Award in Soul Music by: SOUL CAFE RADIO


All of this in a span of 90 days! So it’s only right for him to follow uo with his “Throw Back The Sheets” Vol 1 EP that is filled with some fire records and is now currently streaming everywhere! He’s also recently released his second single titled A.W.O.L (Absent With Out Love) which is a message that says “When you’re done you’re done”. However, I’m also sure that even though that its being sang by Saint Jaimz that most women can relate to that as well! lol Either way! press play! Get into the second release A.W.O.L!

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