Safaree gets caught chaeting with Joe Budden ex-girfriend

So, here’s the thing. If youre into this type drama, we all know who Erica Mena is as we do ex-boyfriend of super star rapper Nikki Minaj Safaree. Safarii is one who has had enough ups and downs when it comes to music and his career in general as most people in the public eye I guess. Safaree, who is currently married to reality show star Erica Mena have recently had a new born baby boy. However, as reports have it, it’s alleged that Safaree has not only not yet seen his new born son because he was in Miami… Sleeping with his best friends ex-girlfriend.. well not to mention his best friend is rapper turned podcaster Joe Budden.

Thing is, at one point, Mena was on the other end of that stick when she had an affair with world renowned Dj and 1/3rd host of leading podcast show The Breakfast Club. Mena says she didnt know that DJ Envy was married at the time of their affair. Either way, Safaree is currently under fire by his Wife who has actually taken to social media to wish her husband and his mistress the best. Peep the video from The lionel B Show for more in depth information!

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