RIP Actor Michael K. Williams passes away.


t the end of the day death is the inevitable let’s be clear but even with knowing that I think the shock value of a sudden death is what happens. Especially when it come to our close friends or family as well as some public figures that you just never know whats going on in the background of their personal lives and thats what brings us to Michael K. Williams, who’s role in popular HBO series called “The Wire” where his character as Omar stood out to the masses and from then, Michael K. Williams has featured in numerous commercials and other roles that put him in a position that if we didn’t know any other actor in a film and we saw him in it, that film may be something that you can watch because of his acting talent and credits.

According to reports, Williams was open about his struggle with drug addiction in certain arenas even when he would film for the Wire series. Michael K. Williams was found in his Brooklyn apartment and what looked to be a drug overdose according to reports.

Williams has had several Emmy award nods throughout his career like “The Night Of”, “Bessie” and “Vice” just to name a few. Michael K. Williams passed September 6th 2021, he was 54 years old.