R&B Sensation Saint Jaimz Continues to Evolve and Rising to the Top of the Charts!

After decades of being in the music industry, Saint Jaimz shows no signs of slowing
down. In fact, Saint Jaimz continues to find inspiration from his fans and their reaction
fuels him to continue making music. To Saint Jaimz, R&B music is nostalgic and
touches one’s soul which is why he focuses on a combination of original and cover
songs to connect with his fans. While his preference is to record and perform original
songs, he has gained a huge fan base by adding his style to cover songs.
Saint Jaimz has come a long way since being in the Army where he got his first big
break being in a talent show overseas in Germany. The applause and recognition from
his fans gave him the motivation to pursue a music career and he was even praised on
the famous show, It’s Showtime at the Apollo in New York City. Heavily influenced by
the 90’s R&B era, Saint Jaimz credits his biggest inspirations from legendary artists such
as Quincy Jones, Joe, and of course Michael Jackson for their individual creativity and
their dedication to bring new elements into the music industry.

Growing up in Chicago, Saint Jaimz was surrounded by the Windy City’s culture of soul,
blues, jazz and R&B that it has become his personal determination for people to fall in
love again with the essence of true R&B music. The 90’s R&B era was such an iconic
decade for the music industry which slowly faded away and Saint Jaimz’s renditions of
timeless classics is his way of keeping the flame alive while also capturing a new
audience that might not have been able to experience the original 90’s R&B era.
As an independent artist, Saint Jaimz has reached some remarkable milestones. In
2020, he released “Being Gentle” which skyrocketed from #30 to being #1 on the Indie
Soul Charts. This same year, Saint Jaimz was nominated and won the “New Comer of
The Year Award” for his single “Being Gentle” from the 2020 Indie Soul Awards. In fact,
“Being Gentle” continues to be Saint Jaimz’s top hit on Spotify with over 1.7 million
streams. In Saint Jaimz’s own words “it feels great to have a hit record as it opens up
doors to other opportunities”.

As the entire world was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Saint Jaimz focused his
efforts of releasing new music and this strategy has been very successful for him. In
2020, Saint Jaimz released “Throwback the Covers- Volume 1”, an EP that includes a
combination of cover songs and his hit single “Being Gentle”, that has garnered him
over 4.1 million streams on Spotify alone. “Baby Come to Me” has become an instant
hit with his fans which also hit #1 on the Indie Soul Charts. In addition, Saint Jaimz’s
single “Suck it Up” is currently on the 150 Global Indie Charts with over 384K streams
on Spotify to date and continues to be a fan favorite single.

His hard work has paid off by earning numerous nominations for the 2021 Star Soul
Fame Awards which include Best Male Vocalist, Number #1 Chart Topping Artist,
Songwriter of the Year and multiple nominations for “Baby Come To Me” for Music
Video of the Year, R&B Song of the Year, Adult Contemporary, and Most Viewed Music
Video. With all of this success, what could possibly be next for Saint Jaimz?
With all of this experience in the music industry, Saint Jaimz is excited to partner and
produce with other independent artists as well as expanding the projects under his own
independent label “Household Name Entertainment”. As Saint Jaimz continues to
evolve in his own pursuits, he would be honored to work with Alicia Keys and Bruno
Mars for being phenomenal artists that are dedicated to their craft and passionate about
their music. Saint Jaimz aspires to leave a legacy by making music that changes lives
and supporting other independent artists to become successful in their own careers.
With so much fuel to bring back timeless R&B music, Saint Jaimz is definitely an artist
you want to keep on your radar!

Written By:
Dr. Jacqueline Yvette Public Relations

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