Rapper Young Thug Babies Mother dies at Bowling Alley dispute!

A young 31 year old Lakevia Jackson who is the baby mother of veteran superstar rapper Young Thug, was shot and killed after an argument ensued between she and another man inside of the Metro Fun Center bowling ally in Atlanta.

According to reports, the argument had taken place between the two over a bowling ball. Once the assailant exited the establishment, it was said that had he then waited in the parking lot of the bowling alley for about 20min or so waiting for Ms. Jackson to exit and this is when she was said to be shot multiple times according to reports.

Overall, this will never be a good situation. Especially when a so-called man has to put his hands on a woman or even worse to shoot a woman. Clearly, whatever this young lady and mother said to the guy really didn’t sit with him well. Was it worth killing her though? A mother.. Peep the video by Lionel B for more in depth information.