Rapper Tori Lanez enters plea of not guilty.

According to reports, Tori Lanez enters a plea of not guilty the shooting incident that involved himself and female rap star Meg The Stallion. Where Meg the Stallion alleges that Lanez used a semi-automatic firearm to shoot her in the foot. He has also be ordered to stay 100 feet away from her in public. In this clip, it shows footage of Tori Lanez Lawyer in court getting clarification of what the order of protection was for and why it was put in place and to what extent. Heres the thing, “Order of protections” is an affidavit put in place by a judge to legally protect a victim or a complaining party. The Order of protections usually keep parties at a distance so that there is or should be no further threat coming from either side however, these things can be tricky because in some instances, if things get crazy, it’s almost as if its “Who can call the Police first”. Then once that happens, the problem can get worse.

With that said, Tori Lanez Attorney is in court finding out why he has an order of protection on him by her and to also find out to what extent of the “Order Of Protection” means, especially being high profile individuals. Peep the video from: #NIQUEATNITE to go more in depth on the story.

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