Rapper Tee Grizzley Uber get’s shot up and his manager killed.

Sad to say, that It’s been reported that Detroit rapper, Tee Grizzley’s car was shot up today that left his Aunt, who is also his manager, shot and killed. Reports have it that 3-4 shots were shot into Grizzley’s Cadillac Escalade Uber leaving his Aunt dead at the age of 41.

The story hasn’t really unfolded, however, what is known, is that, after leaving the studio with his Aunt, the destination was supposed to be the casino. However, a stop was made (at an undisclosed place) and thats when the incident occurred. The rear door of the Uber that they were in was opened by the assailant and 3-4 shots were fired into the Uber killing his Aunt/Manager. At this time, nobody knows the condition of Tee Grizzley.

Tee Grizzley was said to have had been inside of the “place” when the incident occurred. No word on or from Tee Grizzley at this time.

This is a sad sad situation and wish the best for Tee Grizzley and his family. These streets don’t have no love for anybody. Not even for their own kind. When does all the madness stop? Peep the vid for more info: