Rapper Pooh Shiesty pleads guilty and avoids life in prison

Upcoming rapper Lontrelle “Pooh Shiesty” Williams was charged with shooting a man in his rear-end during a botched robbery gone bad. He was supposed to be meeting up with another man to conduct some sort of business. According to reports, Pooh Shiesty had a Louis Vutton bag that had just a little over $40k in it. In the midst of giving the bag to the person he was supposed to doing business with, Shiesty allegedly pulls out a weapon and opens fire. However and unfortunately for Pooh, all of this action was caught on surveillance camera at the location in which the incident happened. At that point, Williams had gotten away but not for long.

Remember the Loui bag that was mentioned earlier in this excerpt? Well, during the incident, Pooh Sheisty someway manages to leave the bag with the money still in it! Not only that, the determined job done by the FBI to catch their guy was top take the money and analyze it. What they did was match a serial number from one of his music videos to one of the bills that was in the bag. You can’t make this stuff up.

According to reports, Pooh Shiesty has pleaded guilty and is now facing 9 years in prison. Williams is also connected to other charges prior to this. Peep Jack Frost video for more in detail information..

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