Rapper PNB Rock’s alleged killers have been arrested.

It’s good to say that someone is being held accountable for their actions but sad to say who and why. Recently, rapper PNB Rock was eating with his lady friend but was gunned down in broad daylight in LA California for what was said to have been a robbery gone bad.

In the early stages of the investigation, there was speculation that PnB’s lady had announced where they were eating at on social media which lead to assailants coming to where he was and ultimately killing him. However, according to reports, the assailants were already in the parking which canceled out the social media post as being an aggregator for the crime committed but more importantly that the alleged assailants were a father and son team.

THE FATHER was the driver of the get away vehicle while his 17 year old did the actual shooting of PNB Rock. This incident has nothing to do with “race” or “oppression” this is completely different. Peep the video for more in detail

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