Rapper Kodak Black Shot.. When will it stop?

Another street fight turned into 4 people being shot and one of them being famed Florida rapper Kodak Black. Kodak along with 3 others got shot after jumping in an altercation that started when someone from Kodak’s team was allegedly being jumped by an opposing group of men out side of Justin Beibers Super Bowl party that took place in West HollyWood.

The scene is currently under investigation and we will keep you updated on the incident. However, When will all of this end shooting up and coming rappers? What actually has to happen? At one point, we were shooting up funerals and babies were getting shot and killed. At least that has slowed down.. Read that again.. Peep the video from Lionel B with more Does that mean that we’re making progress? This has got to stop in the worst way.

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