Rapper Benzino allegedly get’s outed by Transgender and his own sister!

The co-founder of the Hip-Hop cultures “The Source” Magazine just can’t catch a break! Dating way back to the early 2000’s Benzino has been caught up in some of the most bizarre scenarios. From beef with legendary rapper Eminem, losing out on The Source Magazine, to getting shot by his own family member at an event/funeral some years ago.

Now in todays climate, Benzinos name comes up again but still to no avail. This time, Benzino is being accused of not one but two standout major issues with one being worse than the other.

The first issue is where Benzino is being accused of potentially being with a transgender female named Shauna Brooks. Shauna Brooks, according to reports, claimed that she was tired of being kept a “secret”. Shauna then records a conversation between the two and decides to put the business on the internet. Also according to reports, there was a video call and conversation between the two that seemed to be kind of “spicy” and a few key words during the said conversation that would or could make Benzino look a certain type of way but the conversation still can be rerouted to another direction with the right PR work.

On the other hand, Benzino is also being accused of sleeping with his BIOLOGICAL niece (his sisters daughter). Bezinos sister is ironically the Executive producer to 50 Cents hit show POWER and she also has confirmed these accusations to be true! I don’t know why and where all of this madness is coming from to haunt Benzino but it’s here. Do you think Shauna Brook was right for putting Benzino’s business out there if these things turn out to be true? What should be the outcome of him sleeping with his niece be? Peep the video by Lionel B for more details!