NYC School bus attendant caught on video, manhandling disabled child on school bus

According to reports, a disturbing video of a NYC school bus attendant by the name of Belek Velmont. belmont was caught on video grabbing the 13 year old disabled India Knox by the hood of her jacket and pushing her head in the back of the bus seat among other things. India has a disability and reports says her mental is that of a 5 year old. A concerned co-worker is the one that took video footage of the incident. Velmont was placed into custody but was released with no bail but, does have a court appearance date. Velmont also exclaims that he was sorry, he has a daughter of his own, he’s been working for the bus company for 13 years. Velmont was charged with 6 charges assault being one of them. There is also a law suit filling up behind this whole tragedy. For more in depth info: