Nikki Minaj’s Business Manager murdered

Angela Kukawski, who is a well known industry figure that assisted with careers of influencers like “Off Set” from the super rap group “Migos” the 2 Pac estate as well as the business management of super star Nikki Minaj. The story has it that the victim Angela Kukawski from the “Boulevard Management” imprint was stabbed to death. Her body was found in the 1500 block of Patricia Avenue in Simi Valley, which is North of Los Angeles.

The suspect for the murder, who is suspected to have had been in a relationship with Kukawski, is currently in custody with a bail that was initially set at $2 million but has now been raised to $3.07 million according to Variety News. Also according to Variety news, details of the case show that the body of Kukawski was transported from their shared home in Sherman Oaks put in a vehicle and her body left in the vehicle and discovered in Simi Valley. There were blunt and sharp forces of injury to Angela as well as strangulation.

Angela Kukawski aka “Angela Castro” is survived by 5 children. #RIP Peep the video for more information

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