Media Day Mayhem is the way to go for ANY BRAND.

Calling all Actors, Artists, Musical artists, Creators, managers, management teams, Producers, Movie producers and PR’s!! – Imagine having a new brand that you’re excited about, a new record, a new movie you produced that’s coming out and you have the opportunity to deliver the news in front of some of New york City’s hottest Media Platforms and podcasts all at once!

Media Day is an exclusive, joint venture spearheaded by Hoodmedia.NYC and The Young Atlas Network ( Kai Cogs ) that provides this amazing opportunities 2 times a year! The events are held in nicely tucked away venues throughout the greater New York area and handled by invite only. As long as the criteria is met for artist said artist or brand everything else is a go!

The Media Day event also boasts exclusive networking with some of NYC’s industry movers and shakers and the subscription offers “pre and post” promotion and marketing for your brand! And there’s more .. Click the link below to find out how you can be involved!

Media Day Mayhem ( click here for more info)

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