Kodak Blacks mother pleads for her son’s safety.

Rapper Bill “Kodak Black” who is currently serving a 4 year sentence for weapons charges, has recently reported that the treatment that he’s been receiving during his stay has been unjust and is against the prison safety. There was an altercation between him and officers that left an officer hospitalized and since then is when things started. Now he has complainets about his mail being stopped and that there are letters from the holidays that his family still haven’t received yet. Random threats from officers, even receiving empty food trays among other things. As it stands was said to have been missing , but he’s being transferred to another Federal facility in

Here’s the thing: It is very unjust for this to happen the prison system but at the same time, this is stuff that’s been going in for years! Inside the prison system. We are doing prison reform for fair trials and hearings and convicting the right people for their crimes. Prison reform makes sure that there is some sort of reform is made specifically for the prisoners to one day be able to return to society and fit in to potentially become great at what they do and help others as well. We’ve seen those success stories over over. Prison reform also targets the horrible conditions that these prisons are in. Currently Jay- Z and Entrepreneur/ Rapper Yo Gotti have filed a lawsuit on a Prison in Mississippi for unlivable conditions within their prison , unreported deaths and violence due to shortness of staff etc but that’s another report.

The point is, it is phenomenal that there is finally some attention being brought to it but it’ll be even better to not go to jail. Especially if you are in a position that you don’t have to go. If you’re in a great financial space. Don’t go to prison. Also, don’t go and do stupid stuff and then cry when you get there because you’re not getting treated any differently that the other prisoners and in some cases it may be even worse because of your status on the outside! What exactly did you think was going to happen? The prison system is their world. Just as any other “gang” and it’s been that way. We hope all the best for Kodak and wish for his safety. To all the other artist, let’s not make a record and THEN try and go do the craziness. That’s backwards. . Ijs. Peep the video for more in depth information