Kanye West joins the hip hop Billion dollar club

A well deserved platform that rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West sits on. It has been declared by Forbes magazine that Kanye West has currently hit the Billion dollar mark at about a net worth of $1.3 billion.

From the release of his classic album College Drop Out released in 2004, Kanye West has never stopped giving the hip hop culture incredible pieces of work from albums to his corky fashion sense and a couple of smart business ventures that includes a major sneaker deal with Adidas. Combined with his strong passion for his music, music production and the well-being of people of color.

Granted, some people may not see “eye to eye” with some of his beliefs but you can’t deny his love for the game and his family overall.

However, Kanye will be Kanye and he wants the record to be clear! Forbes has it wrong and y’all need to know that I’m at $3.3billi and not just some measly $1.3 billion! Lol. Either way, it is a great day for black people as a whole, to weather or not Kanye being your favorite person but it’s still an inspiration to see that i t can be done. Whatever your “it” is. Kudos to him and the West family! We are proud of you! #liveon

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