Jam Master Jay’s nephew Boe Skagz tells all about the investigation

Boe Skagz sits down with AGTV and tells all about his long lost but legendary Uncle Jam Master J of the iconic rap group RUN D.M.C. Jam Master Jay was murdered some 18+ years ago due to a drug deal gone wrong. For the longest there has been speculation about the case and the involvement of the two men arrested but the case was finally closed due to lack of cooperation but was then reopened by the FEDS.

The mordacity of him to give posts and take pics in front of the man he killed.
Carl Jordan jr. Alleged killer of JMJ

Carl Jordan jr and Ronald Washington are the names of the 2 men arrested in the JMJ murder. Crazy enough, the men that were arrested actually knew JMJ for years and have been in the same neighborhood ever since and have been making posts about their “fallen soldier” Jam Master J all the while.