Irv Gotti sells rights to Ja Rule and Ashantii music Masters for $100 Million

Irv Gotti has opted to sell the Masters of veteran rapper entertainer Ja Rule and rnb Princess of RnB Ashantii for a reported $100 Million. The overall deal calculates to a total of $300 Million in regards to the rights of the music but according to reports from, Irv states that Universal owns %50 of the publishing. However, selling the masters to music seems to be trending right now, it seems as if Irv may have a plan and very good reason for making this move.

According to reports, he has also received a credit line of $200million and he may have his eyes set on his series “Tales” that was airing on BET and some other not so clear endeavors. None the less I’m sure it’s within good intent we can only hope. I mean, with all of this news circulating about the situation Ja Rule nor Ashantii has chosen to respond to it as of yet, so let’s assume they’ve had their “talks” and Irv is in a good place. Peep the video from JT News for more in depth information.

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