HIP HOP top earners list is out

Zack O’Mally Greenburg (the person in charge of business of music, media and entertainment) at FORBES has made his annual  Hip Hop  top earners list and it goes as follows.

1) SEAN “PUFFY” COMBS- $820m

2) SEAN “JAY-Z” CARTER-$810  (net worth jumped 30% since $200m investment from SPRINT that put Jay-z’s TIDAL streaming service at $600m  (10x what he payed for for it some 2 years ago) according to reports. Jay-Z also has Armand de Brignac a champagne brand as we as ROC NATION entertainment brand topping DR.DRE for the first time according to reports.

3) DR.DRE- $780m -sold “Beats by Dre” for $3Billion and with his cut put him the largest single year payday ever recorded by a living musician.

4) Bryan “BIRD MAN ” Williams & Ronald “Slim” Williams – $110m-

5) DRAKE- $90m- Drakes “Views” album was the first album to stream over a 1billion streams on APPLE MUSIC. Drake had also toured a tour that paid him over $1million a night according to reports. Drake also has deals with Sprite, Apple and Nike.

To find out more and understand the process on how they get the “numbers” go to forbes.com

video by Jordan tower @jordantower on youtube.

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