Girl takes revenge for brothers death, Akademics and rapper Da baby want to help get her out.

This story is very unique story that has a twist to it that may have the most honest person say… “OK… I get it”. In Kansas City, Mo, a young woman by the name Tityana Coppage was charged for murder for the revenge of her 16 year old younger brother. According to reports, after the revenge muder was commited, she then text her deceased brother, letting him know that she had revenged his death. However, there is more to the story.

In 2016, this same young lady had to live through her other 2 younger siblings, a 6 year old cousin and her 9 year old brother that was also killed due to gun violence in Kansas City. Thing is, those cases had never been solved. Honestly speaking, I’m not going to say it was right but I definitely understand. So currently, a couple of well knowns have offered to put up the %20 of her bail. The list includes people like rapper 42 Dugg, Dj Akademiks and famed rapper Da Baby have all offered to put up the % of the $200k bail set. Can you imagine losing all of your family due to gun violence? Imagine losing all of or 2-3 babies in your family due to gun violence? Then the cases go unsolved? Do you blame her? Peep the vid from Nique at Nite as she gets more in depth with it.

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