5 arrested in the POP SMOKE murder case

As we know up and coming N.Y. rapper POP SMOKE was gunned down in a Mansion in L.A.. All of this comes after POP SMOKE shows his address on a “IG LIVE “. Shortly after, he was gunned down in the home that he was staying at.
Although there were witnesses around, nobody knew anything until now.

5 suspects have finally been arrested and 2 out of the 5 were minors. However, the other 3 were. JAQUAN MURPHY (21) CORY WALKER (19) and KEANDRE RODGERS(18). ACCORDING TO REPORTS, the 5 were tied to a gang . Initially, it looked as if it were either a robbery or even worse, a hit, but it seems as if it were a just a home invasion gone wrong according to reports. All of the men are currently on $1 million dollar bail. Peep the video for more in depth info:

Rapper mogul Curtis “50 cent” Jackson has recently Executive produced now deceased rapper Pop Smokes last album that just released titled “SHOOT FIR THE STARS and AIM FOR THE MOON”.

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