Fetty Wap robbed for $350k in jewelry?


Over the weekend FETTY WAP was robbed of his chain valued at $450k. Allegedly a man named RAHIEM aka “FUZZ” (a promoter from Patterson NJ) was accompanied by a crew of guys that followed Fetty Wap into a deli in Patterson NJ and Rahiem aka FUZZ ended up pistol whipping someone from Fetty Waps team (according to Angela Yee on the breakfast club) Apparently, they ended up jumping Fetty Wap and Fetty ‘s crew taking the chain that was worth $350k and several thousands of dollars as well. However, that’s not the end of it.

There was an exchange of shots fired and 2 of Fuzz’s boy’s were shot a 34 year old male and a 37 year old male and the alleged shooter of those two guys ended up shooting himself in the thigh. There is also live video clippings of the incident where it shows FUZZ what looks to be the said bodega holding a gun in hand. Shortly after there are pics posted on Instagram of Fuzz in the same outfit that he had on in the confrontation wearing the same chain around his neck. On top of that there is also audio/footage of Fuzz coming out of the XM building stating that Fetty was “black balling” him from being heard and played by Dj’s. Referring to him as “him a sweet little boy” and a gangster.

Raheem aka FUZZ is now arrested but only on charges of gun possession/. Fetty Wap and company maintain their silence and will not be filing charges.

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