FBG alleged Murderers have been arrested.

Carlton “FBG DUCK” Weekly was gunned down in the infamous “Oak Street” aka “O block” located in Chicago while shopping for a birthday present for his child. The unfortunate incident took place August of 2020 and now 5 men have been arrested in connection to the murder. The Federal government has stepped in with Racketeering charges for the group of men involved.

After the investigation done by the Federal Bureau of Investigation lead to substantial evidence of an on-line back and forth altercation communication between FBG and a rival gang that ended up with 2 cars and 4 shooters and hale of bullets at a downtown Chicago Mall. The way that the assault was carried out is now being compared to a 1930 mafia hit. With that said, the “Rico Law” is now being put in place. The law Rico law was used to dismantle gangs in those times and is now being used to set an example for organized gang members moving forward especially in more high profile cases. Tap in with the CTG for more of an in depth explanation and message.

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