Drink Champs interview with DJ Drama admitting “Drake Smashed my Girl”?

As we know of the infamous music beef that happened between Drake and Meek sevral years ago. Story goes: Meek and Drake do a record together, Drake doesnt repost it to help push the record, Meek gets emotional and offended and takes to Social Media to vent. Then word gets back that not only didn’t Drake not repost the record but he didn’t even really write the lyrics that was on the record. The question is, where did Meek get that information? This is where DJ Drama comes in.

During the whole ordeal, rumors flew around that DJ Drama had something to do with the breach. But why would DJ Drama do such a thing? Welp, it was also rumored that Drake smashed DJ Drama’s girl/ex-girl at the time and he may have felt a certain type of way. At first he denied it, saying that Drake didn’t even know his girl but then in other instances he claimed that Drake did smash but, Drink Champs Pocast is releasing the full episode March 18th (yesterday) of the interview between DJ Drama and Nore where he flat out asks the question of the day “Did Drake smash your girl”? And it looks good.

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