Derrick Jaxn … Mr.Jaxn.. lol.. In hot water? For cheating? No.. can’t be..

The absolute HOT TOPIC is the Mr. Derrick Jaxn scandal! So first lest get into a quick run down of who Mr. Jaxn is. He is a self proclaimed, outspoken therapist for women.. or men.. I dont know but we do know that he’s gottn his notoriety from doing Facebook post about relationships and giving his point of views on how a “REAL MAN” should act and be and treat their women and the RESPECT that a MAN should have for his home etc etc.. In some cases, if not all, it seemed like he would bash men for cheating and whatever. Don’t get me wrong, in a perfect world he would be right.. In some cases.. In other cases, he’ll sound unrealistic. Again, my opinion.

However, the reason why Mr.Jaxn is under so much scrutiny is simply because of what he preached only to turn around and be the exact same person that he would give his opnions on. Not only that, according to reports, the lady he cheated with is a professional (Surgeon) and is allegedly pregnant for Mr.Jaxn. I dont know if this would be that important if he didn’t put himself in a “perfect male” position. But! he now has to deal with it. Such is life. Tap in with Tasha K as she gives up the scoop!

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