Comedian Kevin Hart set to Executive produce new sitcom series through ABC

Mega Star comedian Kevin Hart, has recently inked his deal to a new production that will be ABC and HartBeat Productions venture. The show is going to be called “Don’t call it a come back” is currently in development. Courtney Lilly who is currently a writer and an executive producer for show “Black-ish” which is also a critically acclaimed TV show under the ABC umbrella.

According to reports, the show/series is about:  A single-camera family comedy about a 40-year old divorced dad who had one hit with a PM Dawn-type hip-hop group back in the ’90s and how he uses his attempt at a comeback to get his swagger back in parenting, relationships and life and prove that no matter where you are, your best days are ahead of you. -Joe Otterson-

Looks like Kevin Hart has no intention on stopping either. There is more info on this venture: For in depth info go to