Comedian Dave Chapelle gets ATTACKED on stage While Performing!?

Actor and Iconic Comedian Dave Chappelle was physically attacked on stage by a disgruntled on looker at the Hollywood Bowl last night by a young male named Isaiah Lee (23 years old).

According numerous reports, the male rushed the stage, armed with a knife and a gun to make an attempt on the mega stars life but to no avail. As Lee reached Dave Chappelle on the stage, Chapelle’s and the events security was not having that on their watch and quickly assessed the situation deeming the young 23 year old male unsuccessful on his attempt and got exactly what he had coming to him, a what looked to be a broken arm handcuffed to a gurney, bloody face, ass kicked and a couple of soon to be Felonies all at the same time.. As it should be. lol.

Luckily the show was able to go on but Chris Rock, who was in the audience, gets on the stage and asks Dave Chappelle “Was that Will Smith ?” and the crowd goes crazy! Well played Chris Rock.. Well played sir! Peep the video from ABC news on the more in depth info.