Breaking up then Making up.. is some of the Best Sex Ever.

Have you’ve ever been with your significant other and you may have had an argument or a very heated disagreement that leads up to some sort of separation or distancing? However, that little distancing for that time being isn’t necessarily the “end” of the said relationship, as of a matter of fact, it actually gave you both a little time to reflect on the relationship and when the “re-connection” happens, it’s in HD flying colors! Maybe some of the best “loving” you’ve had from each other in a long while, to the point where it gives that feeling of nostalgia of when ya’ll first connected, first had sex or the first time ya’ll actually “made love”.

Look, it’s almost borderline toxic to even entertain the thought of a relationship being like that, especially if it’s a reoccurring thing. However, in some cases, it could be a blessing in disguise, not talking about being toxic but more so about the argument that brings a couple to argue, get things off your chest but not enough to hurt or intentionally hurt your partner. Actually a good solid but healthy heated discussion may be needed in some cases to put in place or get rid of certain things in order to maintain a solid relationship moving forward. Now, a lot the times, those types of scenarios usually come with happy endings and unforgettable moments.

Thus, leading us to upcoming R.n.b sensation TrÁ Kyng’s second single, “Break up to Make Love” which touches on this very topic of going through classic ups and downs in a realistic, true, but loving and intimate relationship. This is when the argument is heated but that make up sex is even more heated! This is when you’ve stayed at your friends house and told him/her that you’re “never going back” fk him/her! (2 days later) I miss you.. Whats taking you so long to get here.. I’m sorry.. Let’s make up.. Let’s make love.

TrÁ Kyng’s album “Prince 2 Kyng” taps into and describes a bunch of relatable scenarios from an experienced perspective. The Prince 2 Kyng project is displaying immaturity, growth, love, vulnerability, ego, truth and much more. This is going to be the project too look out for!

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