Bill Gates under fire for $43 Million dollar home in San Diego

Since the very surprising divorce between one of the richest men in the world Bill Gates and his now, ex-wife, Melinda Gates, Bill has run into complaints already! According to the Daily News, Bill and Melinda had purchased a home before their surprise divorce for a whopping $43 Million. The estate that was once a 3.5 bath with 6 bedrooms and was sold to Bill by an Ex-Wife of a Texas Billionaire and was said to have been in immaculate condition at the time of purchase but has since been demolished and in it’s early to mid stages of being rebuilt from the ground up to Bill Gates liking of course.

However, this is where the issues come into play for Bill. According to reports, this will be his ocean front bachelor pad but the neighbors in the upscale Del Mar neighborhood in San Diego, CA and new hotspot for Bill Gates. Although there is much more to the story but are people being to sensitive? If they were in the area for doing re modeling of their own to their OWN home, would they want to be in the News for it?

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