Bill Cosby just released from prison?

Legendary comedian Bill Cosby, who was convicted in 2018 for a rape that happened almost 30 years ago appeal is currently in front of the appellate division for review. Charges were filed by Andrea Constant that accused Cosby for drugging her and then having unconsentual sex with her that ultimately lead up to a conviction that could’ve had Cosby doing up to 10 years. Even being 80+ years in age and the accusations are from 20-30 years ago.

However, there is a right to appeal and this is what Bill Cosby and his Lawyer’s did and prevailed. The thing is, it was the alleged victim herself Andrea Constant that actually wrote a letter to the courts asking for Cosby to be released back into society. According to the video, where the title is confusing saying that he’s been released vs him getting his appeal rather quickly. Getting an appeal is no easy task let’s be clear. I guess depending on who you are normally one can have the MAJORITY of his/her Jail sentence in before an appeal is even heard of. So, just by him getting his appeal in this quickly is great. So now for those that are in support and felt that he was dealt with unjust then the process has started. Let’s wish Bill Cosby good luck and pay close attention. #pressplay

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