Ashanti set to redo and rerelease her classic records

After 20+ years, Murder inc’s former RnB princess Ashanti sits with legendary radio personality Angie Martinez and disscusses her focus on rerecording and rereleasing her classic music that was recorded when she and legendary producer Irv Gotti were working together in 2002. Ashanti’s point says that she wants to make money from the music that actually made her to what she is today. She wants owner of her masters!

However stands firm on owning a good portion of the publishing, producer of all of the records and owner of masters to all of the records. Ashanti is currently on a media run through major platforms to not only speak on her upcoming project but also to spread the importance of ownership. Both are right in their own right and we wish the best for both parties but it’s going to be interesting to see a potential come back by Ashanti who looks amazing and hasn’t aged a bit, mixed with some pop-up appearances with herself and femcee, hip-hop royalty Remi-Ma in tow.

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