Tekashi 69 fires his entire team! including Tre Way Shottie?

Tekashi 69 fires his entire team!! including Tre Way Shottie?

Self proclaimed King of N.Y. and rapper Tekashi 69 has went live and exclaimed that he fired EVERYBODY on his team. This  including his affiliate or manager or whatever you want to call him Tre Way Shottie. 69 takes to his live and what seems like he’s serious with this one. According to reports, this abrupt decision is  potentially stemming from his robbery that took place back in July at his home. That home invasion ultimately had 69 hospitalized. Allegedly, people in his own camp are the ones that was behind the entire situation. It took a while, but it seems like 69 is serious. However, who knows. 69 almost seems to have mastered the internet and trolling as well. Things may change for the best! or for the worse..  We just will never know. We will just have to wait and see. Hopefully things go good for him