Michelle Obama speaks on new book and brings awareness to her miscarriage she had 20 years ago and how she dealt with it.

Our forever first lady Michelle Obama speaks on her new book and her miscarriage that she had 20 years ago

In the midst of releasing her book titled “Becoming”. Michelle Obama pays a visit to ABC’s Good Morning America (@GMA) and gives the pertinent and insider experienced information about miscarriages  and dealing with emotional side of things when coping. Obama also educates us on the IVF (vitro fertilization) process that she used in order to conceive her 2 beautiful daughters. One of her over all goals is to bring awareness to miscarriages and the realization of how common they are. Also awareness on information on how female bodies work and don’t work among other things. Michelle Obama also touches on the feeling she had when Trump was announced as President of the United States. All in her new book “Becoming” . For more in depth: AOL.COM