Jay-Z has new album coming out 4;44

Recently rapper and business and music Mogul Jay-Z inked a multi-million dollar deal with Sprint. However, it wasn’t for the great job that his streaming service Tidal is doing. He purchased TIDAL for a reported $56mill.The scope of Tidal was to bring all of the artist together and retain owners ship of their musics thru streaming. Names like Madonna, Lil wayne, Usher and many big names others are part of Tidal venture. Going up against other big companies like SPOTIFY and ITUNES Tidal is struggling… and he’s stuck with it. He’s tried different tactics in order to bring members but can’t seem to make ends meet. Jay has pulled the MAJORITY of his older albums from other streaming services as well.

On the upside of things,  Jay-Z has recently signed a touring deal with LIVE NATION worth another $200mill. Not to mention the $200+ mill he got from Sprint to help Tidal. He should be good! Right!? Not really. See these companies don’t just give up money for nothing. Jay has to recoup the lil change right there. $400+mill over a course of time.  Will it be the “Jay-Z” album? Being that it’s the same situation as if he were with a label.  Now its a bit more at steak at this point. We’re talking multi million dollar deals and businesses. At the same time… That’s Jay! He’s the guy that will figure it out. He seems like the person that would work even better under pressure.

Can Jay-Z do another 10 years of touring?

The good thing is, the album name is 4:44 coming soon

more info : JT NEWS

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