Ralph Breaks the Internet and CREED II have great box office weekends

Holiday Movie scores are in and “RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET” and “Creed II” make impact

With a slew of newly released movies over the Thanksgiving weekend the reports on how they did are in and some are up while others are .. ehhh. Let’s start with animated film “RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET” that topped all releases. RALPH opened up in 4,017 grossing upwards of $84 million with a whopping $54 million over the Thanksgiving weekend. However, with a production budget for $175 million the movie will have to do just a little bit better world wide according to reports.

“CREED II” the sequel didn’t do so shabby itself! opening up in 3,350 theaters grossing $55 million for the week and $34 million over the weekend. Thus making CREED II the best selling action movie release during the holiday era. CREED II which is a sequel starred Michael B.Jordan, Sylvester Stallone among others.

Robin Hood didn’t do to well though. Robin Hood opened up in 2,715 theaters grossing $14.2 for the 5 day and just $9 million for the Thanksgiving weekend. The thing is, the budget was $100 million for Robin Hood with Taron Egerton and Jamie Fox according to reports. Not looking to good over there but for more in depth on other movie results go to: Variety.com